Friday, November 5, 2010

Eyes Closed

Andrea Hupke De Palacio
Featured Artist

What is abstract to you? Personally, its the innermost thoughts and feelings of an artists. Its being creative and pushing the limits of what art it. Andrea's pieces here are absolutely beautiful. There is a sense of depth and life in each of these works. The colors she uses are so captivating I cant stop staring at them. To paint abstract you really have to let everything go and not think, letting the paint move you. If anything I think being an abstract painter is more difficult then lets say a realist artist. Mostly because as a realist, they are painting what they see, detail for detail. An abstract artist is making everything up, even if the subject matter is recognizable the paint application is 100% up to the artist, they become free to explore. Andrea is a very talented artist and LOUPE is lucky to be able to feature her.

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