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Featured week of November 1, 2010
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I was born and grew up not far from Frankfurt/Main. In school I daydreamed and doodled, at home too. I liked learning new languages and I loved the music lessons, though. School finished, I went to University and studied, there too I daydreamed and doodled. Then I worked as a foreign language correspondent. At work I daydreamed and doodled. I took art workshops and practiced drawing daily, this kept me from going insane. One fine day love brought me to Strasbourg, France and later Paris where I finally decided that I needed to learn more about technical art stuff. One things leads to another and I was presented with the opportunity to leave my (boring) work and study textile design, qualifying as a textile designer in 2005. The discovery of the textile design world in fashion ans interior decoration taught me a lot, but I needed to break free from the commercial and industrial part of it to define myself as a painter, illustrator, and textile artist. Today I have a part time job in an international photographic association. I try to limit my daydreams and doodles at work. I translate my visions of the world into images on paper, canvas, and fabric. There will be an exhibition of my illustrations of people in the Paris Metro (representing two years of daily sketching of people commuting) in December here in Paris and I have also a music project ongoing, with my own songs (in German language).

Who is your favorite artist?
I do not have one favorite artist. I admire many artists, in many different departments. I could give you a long list of artists I love, painters, musicians, poets, actors...Some of them come to mind spontaneously, like Hugo Pratt, illustrator (look up Corto Maltese in the Internet and you will see his style) and writer, globetrotter. A big inspiration. More inspirations come from Joan Mitchell, I love the size of her abstract visions and the audacity, Zao Wu Ki, incredible abstract landscapes, Jeff Koons intrigues me. I really like Laurie Anderson and Leonhard Cohen, Goethe and Jeff Bridges :) I think that art has so many layers and the more layers in contact with, the better!
What type of art do you prefer?
I'm attracted by all types of art. To express myself and try to mirror whats happening, to others, to the world, to my self, I use drawing, textile sculptures, writing, and music.
What is your "method"?
My method is telling me self: "do not think about it, go and do it" then Ill be able to create in a variety of methods.
When did you start?
When I was a child, I loved to draw and paint, I made little wild textile creations, later I discovered acrylic painting and loved them cause they dried so quickly and I could mess around with them. i didn't like art classes at school because back then I didn't want to listen and learn, I just wanted to play in my own world :)
Where do you want to go with this?
Id like to share my inspirations with other people so that they may be inspired too. And Id like to share my emotions, thoughts, considerations, but putting them onto the canvas, paper, fabric or into words, and if I can reach people with the results, then I'll be happy.
Why did you start?
The need to put into images what I could not put into words.
How separate are you from your art?
I am not separate from my art but if necessary, I decide to step away from it, for a certain time, that can be seconds, minutes, hours, days, years even. The step away makes me see it differently and allows me to contemplate what the work needs next. Or declare it finished!
What have you stolen/learned from another artist lately?
An artist friend recently helped me learn, that art has so many layers and each layer support the other. For example, when I write into my journal, or when I sing songs, or when walking through a busy street here in Paris, I do not paint but at the same time the door to more inspiration is opened and I know that it will go into the next painting or drawing.
What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?
There were no mistakes, only decisions with consequences.
What are you trying to do to people with your art?
Make them smile, make them want to touch the work, make them frown, make them stop in their (mental) tracks.