Monday, October 4, 2010

Away we go

Kira Nutt
Featured Artist

The time has finally arrived and LOUPE is officially started! To start off our killer mag we decided that the first two Featured Artist should be none other then your lovely Creators. Kicking it off  is Kira. Art for Kira has always been in her soul. Although she explores a wide variety of mediums painting has always been her first love. Kira paints with emotion and loves the work to be expressive. Here is her Van Gogh Iris inspired work. She was able to not only capture his stellar movement but his vibrant colors as well. Tell us what you think?! If you want to get to know Kira more check her out in the Creators and Artist Section.


  1. Beautiful paintings!! And awesome blog cant wait to read future post!

  2. You visited my blog, and thank you for the complements, so here I am visiting yours. Love the intensity of your colors. See you again here and hope you will come back to visit me again to see the diptych move towards completion.

  3. The girl's got talent!

    Love Grace.